Chelsea MI storage units: Interior storage

Call us at at 734.475.8888 or e-mail us to inquire about pricing. Please also check our home page for special discounts and promotions on Chelsea MI storage units. Our facilities have been constructed with the highest quality materials to protect your valuable possessions. The buildings are all wood construction, eliminating moisture and condensation problems. These Chelsea MI storage units also have cathedral ceiling areas providing you with more cubic feet per unit.

Larger size units available on request

Exterior storage units are 15 ft. x 40 ft.

Request Information on Chelsea MI Storage Units

5ft x 10ft
  • One room, or 20-30 boxes
5ft x 15ft
  • Two rooms, or 30-40 boxes
10ft x 10ft
  • Three rooms, or 30-40 boxes
10ft x 15ft
  • One-bedroom home
10ft x 20ft
  • Two-bedroom home
10ft x 30ft
  • Four-bedroom home